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5 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Commercial Sustainable Landscaping

commercial sustainable landscaping

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint Using Commercial Sustainable Landscaping

Decrease your property’s carbon footprint by conserving water and electricity, reducing waste, and taking steps to eliminate storm water runoff!

Watch the savings roll in as mounting utility bills and routine upkeep become a thing of the past!

Minimize the hours spent fretting about your flower gardens and redirect that invaluable time into running your business!

That’s right – you can do it all with commercial sustainable landscaping. A professional landscaping contractor can help you get started with environmentally-practices such as these:

  • Native plantings – Local plants that have already adapted to your city’s climate require less care to survive and flourish, and have developed natural defenses against insects, pests, and disease. A professional contractor or horticulturalist can help determine what plants would fit well with your property.
  • Rain gardens – These shallow planted depressions allow storm water runoff from rooftops, parking lots, walkways, and compacted lawns to soak into the ground, reducing erosion, flooding, and pollution.
  • Integrated pest management – IPM involves a series of pest controls that focus on long-term prevention, effectively reducing the need for pesticides and other toxic substances.
  • Grass-cycling – This practice helps to reduce the excess of yard waste that winds up in landfills by allowing grass clippings to remain on the lawn after mowing. These clippings can ultimately recharge your property’s soil with nutrients.
  • Water conservation – Xeriscaping refers to the selection of plants based on their ability to retain and conserve water. This low-maintenance practice uses two thirds less water than traditional landscaping, and largely eliminates the need for fertilizers.

While exploring commercial sustainable landscaping options for your property, make sure to find a contractor who is familiar with your region’s climate and topographical demands. What’s good for Kalamazoo, Michigan, isn’t necessarily good for Columbia, Maryland.

GroundsCare Landscape provides complete commercial sustainable landscaping design and maintenance for property owners throughout Maryland and New Jersey. Contact us today to get started.


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