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Don’t Undercut the Importance of Pruning for Commercial Landscapes

pruning for commercial landscapes

Fall is right around the corner. Are pruning tasks on your commercial property’s to do list?

Pruning for commercial landscapes remains one of the most neglected tasks on any property. It often does not seem like a priority, or is forgotten in the day-to-day minutiae of running a business, or is simply ignored because those in charge are afraid to make a mistake. On the flip side, trees and shrubs can be pruned too often or too excessively, severely weakening their constitution. Whatever the case may be, overgrown or improperly maintained trees, shrubs, hedges, and bushes can stick out like a sore thumb, significantly impacting a property’s curb appeal.

Pruning for commercial landscapes is a critical maintenance component for aesthetic, health, and safety reasons.  However, every plant is different, and requires specific pruning techniques to remain healthy and vibrant. For this reason, property managers should seek out the knowledge and precision that only a professional contractor can provide. Trained arborists are versed in the varying needs of different species, and can make expert cuts that minimize damage and maximize uniformity.

Pruning for commercial landscapes can be performed for a number of reasons.

  • Improved aesthetics – Pruning, at its most basic, prevents an uneven appearance by maintaining a pleasing shape and symmetry. It also promotes greater flowering and denser foliage.
  • A healthier plant – Removing dead, dying, and diseased branches mitigates the spread of disease and infection to other parts of the plant and helps to redirect energy where it is best utilized, revitalizing the plant overall.
  • Size control – Thinning out branches, particularly those that rub against one another, gives a plant room to grow properly, and can open up the center of the shrub or hedge to sunlight.
  • Safety – Occasionally, overgrown shrubs and bushes can block walkways and entrances, contributing to blind spots, tripping hazards, and more. Those growing in and around power lines and electrical outlets can pose a serious risk of shock. In these cases, consulting a professional arborist or landscaping contractor is strongly advised to avoid injury.

Pruning is typically recommended twice annually, with spring and fall being popular times for many landscaping firms. Trimming back plants throughout the year, however – regardless of the season – is commonplace. That being said, pruning should be left to landscaping contractors who understand growing schedules. Pruning in the late summer, for instance, can be ideal for flowering shrubs, helping them to produce more buds the following spring. However, newly planted shrubs should be left to grow unattended for in the initial seasons, allowing for the absorption of sunlight. 

Pruning for commercial landscapes also demands sharp, well-maintained tools, such as pole pruners and lopping shears, which can be dangerous in the hands of the uninitiated, and can remove fingers just as easily as branches. Seek help.

GroundsCare Landscape can prune and clip your trees until only the healthy, strong branches remain. We can maintain your shrubs, bushes, hedges, and more, and also provide the following services for large established trees:

  • Removing dead and diseased branches, preventing disease, fungus, infestation, and more
  • Trimming back the overhead canopy, allowing sunlight to permeate plants below
  • Maintaining a natural tree shape, by removing problem branches
  • Removing branches that are growing dangerously close to your roof, gutters, or wires
  • And more!

Pruning is an essential ingredient to a healthy lawn and landscape, and one that is riddled with an assortment of do’s and don’ts. Our team knows the ropes, the remedies, and the plants themselves. Give us a call today at 888-588-8451.


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