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Fall In With Professional Hardscapes for Your Commercial Property

professional hardscapes for your commercial property

Fall is a time of cool, crisp breezes; breathtaking color changes; and intoxicating sights, sounds, and smells.

It can also be a time of heavy lifting. Kids trudge back to school, lugging heavy backpacks. Football players take to the field in heavy pads and protective gear. And many landscapers are contracted to complete some heavy, structural projects for residential and commercial clients during these cooler months.

You heard it here first: fall is the perfect time for professional hardscapes for your commercial property.

Outdoor firepits are an obvious and seasonally appropriate choice, providing a captivating and communal gathering spot for your tenants and their clientele.  But autumn is also a fine time to consider enriching your campus with a number of structures that will add value and aesthetic appeal to your property, including, but not limited to:

  • Retaining walls
  • Walkways
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Water features

Boosted curb appeal and investment aside, opting to add a professional hardscape for your commercial property during the fall is beneficial in many other ways:

  • It’s less of an intrusion. Spring and summer are prime times for tenants and visitors to congregate outdoors at your property. Cooler weather simply yields less foot traffic, and less of an interruption as a result of construction. Avoid mounds of dirt and debris during those warm, sunny days, and put your commercial property way ahead of the curve for springtime.
  • Most plant life begins to go dormant during the fall. The risk of damaging your plants and flowers is significantly reduced.
  • Fall provides better soil conditions for planting. Your property’s ground should be slightly more pliable by now, creating ideal conditions for planting decorative and ornamental trees and shrubs along your new walkway or retaining wall, while also allowing these new plants to develop healthy root systems.

And perhaps most obvious –

  • Contractors are busier in the spring and summer months. So take advantage of this seasonal lull, and get your commercial property looking sharp.

Depending on the weather, professional hardscapes for your commercial property can be installed through December in most cases. However, it is true that climate can be a major factor when considering fall installation. Many landscaping materials must maintain a certain temperature to function or cure correctly, while certain tasks must be completed prior to a freeze. That’s why hiring a true professional is of the essence.

GroundsCare Landscape takes a comprehensive approach to designing, installing, and maintaining professional hardscapes, and we guarantee our clients that they will never have to deal with sub-contractors. Our in-house construction and safety managers keep all projects safe, on time, and on budget. Call us today at 888-588-8451.


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