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Commercial Water Features Can Brighten Your Tenants’ Day

commercial water features

The myriad benefits of hardscaped commercial water features have received their due in previous posts – from the air of sophistication they lend your office space, to the trifecta of sound, substance, and motion that boost a business’s curb appeal and deliver a lasting first impression with guests and prospects.

Not only do commercial water features offer a one-of-a-kind focal point to your surroundings, but they have been shown to increase property value by as much as 20%, according to some experts.

But there’s one outlying reason that your property needs and, yes, deserves a hardscaped pond, water fountain, or waterfall if it does not already have one: They make people happy.

Your people.

Commercial water features can single-handedly brighten a tenants’ day, and ultimately convince them to keep showing up every morning. That means boosted morale, which means increased efficiency, which – for you – means a consistently rented office complex or commercial property.


  • Studies have shown that the sound of running water elicits a calming effect, but also one that fosters inspiration and creativity. Imagine a downtrodden or sleep-deprived employee on his or her way to work – spirits immediately lightened by the soothing sounds of trickling water, reinvigorated and recommitted to the day ahead.
  • Water features can provide a sensational, yet soothing backdrop for a brief respite after a long and stressful day, or an ice-breaking environment for an outdoor meeting with sociable clientele.
  • Fountains, reflecting pools, and more also help to define and draw attention to other unique landscaping elements on your property, such as sustainable flower beds filled with native flora and meticulous xeriscaping. Moving water also serves to attract local wildlife, including a variety of songbirds that can help your employees and the employees of your tenants whistle while they work.

GroundsCare Landscape has provided quality hardscapes to clientele throughout Maryland and New Jersey for decades, and we specialize in the following commercial water features:

  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Reflecting pools
  • Water walls
  • Ponds

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